Front view of black and red Fitness Audio U-Series Mini-Transmitter E Mic System
Front view of Fitness Audio U-Series Mini Transmitter
Back view of Fitness Audio U-Series Mini Transmitter
Front view of Black and red Fitness Audio U-Series Mini Mic System
Back view of Black and red Fitness Audio U-Series Mini Mic System

Fitness Audio U-SERIES Wireless System With MTU8 Microphone


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The Fitness Audio Mini-Transmitter E Mic System requires NO belt pack transmitter and is built specifically for fitness classes! This system is built so that you can wear the transmitter on your headset. Specially designed O’ring seals, marine-grade varnish on the circuit board, sealed push button ‘on/off’ switch - sets this transmitter in a class by itself for fitness use. An 8-channel frequency-agile transmitter and receiver combo gives you the flexibility to operate in the toughest wireless areas.

  • As this unit contains a headset, for sanitary reasons this item cannot be returned.
  • Recommended for up to 20 classes per week
  • Your choice of headset for system - Aeromic, Cyclemic, or E-mic
  • Now with Quick Release removable headset for field replacement
  • Your choice of antenna wire length for: On the Head or Armband
  • 8 channel frequency agile UHF system
  • Coated circuit boards - to protect against sweat
  • Sealed single push button ‘ON/OFF’ switch on the transmitter
  • Single AAA battery transmitter operation - for multiple classes without charging
  • Tone coded transmission - eliminates spurious emissions and ‘on/off’ pop noise and need for ‘mute’ switch on transmitter.
  • Receiver Color Coded recessed dial adjustment for easy to find frequency groupings and setting
  • Rack mount and front mount antenna kit are optional - recommended
  • 16 Frequency groups to choose from 520-540 A or B, 540-560 A or B, 560-580 A or B, 580-600 A or B