Black FM41 Solo Instructor Headset Mic

Fitness Audio FM41 Solo Instructor Headset Mic


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Universal EM1 Multimic Connector

Works with any TA4F connector (Fitness Audio, Shure, Mipro)

The FM41 Solo Instructor Headset Mic is a fitness mic with a sweat-resistant and waterproof capsule, perfect for active spin, cardio, HIIT and other high-intensity instructors.

A fitness microphone for the individual group fitness instructor with replaceable lead! Easily adjustable, lightweight with a sweat-resistant waterproof capsule. This headset comes with one windscreen.

  • For sanitary reasons headset mics, mic belts, windscreens and headphones are not returnable.
  • Recommended for up to five to seven classes per week.
  • Water Immersion Screens - Better Capsule Protection.
  • Universal wires all you to simply unscrew one brand's cable and screw in another.