Red and Black E Mic XL Headset Mic by Fitness Audio
Black E Mic XL Headset Mic by Fitness Audio
Two E Mic XL Headset Mics by Fitness Audio in red and black

Fitness Audio EM1 E Mic XL Headset- Multimic Connector


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Universal EM1 Multimic Connector

Works with any TA4F connector (Fitness Audio, Shure, Mipro)

The Fitness Audio E Mic XL Headset- Multimic Connector is just like our ever-popular E Mic Headset performance headset microphone, but now with a 1/2" extended boom, longer than most headset mics!

The Fitness Audio E Mic Headset- Multimic Connector is the best headset microphone for fitness instructors! The E Mic is made to keep working, even at 20 classes a week! It's sweat proof and comes with a wide variety of sweat resistant connections.

The E Mic- Multimic Connector is a universal TA4F Connector that works with all brands including:

  • Fitness Audio
  • MiPro
  • Shure

If your transmitter system is not listed above, contact us by PHONE or EMAIL and we'll be happy to help!

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More benefits include its steel reinforced frame, comfort grip band, noise cancelling waterproof capsule and steel reinforced cable.

The E Mic is guaranteed to have you looking and feeling good and sounding good too!

The Fitness Audio headset is perfect for light to medium fitness use (up to 20 classes per week).

Duty Cycle and Usage Info: up to 20 classes per week.

  • For sanitary reasons headset mics, mic belts, windscreens and headphones are not returnable.
  • Recommended for up to 20 classes per day.
  • Water Immersion Screens - Better Capsule Protection. 1/2" Longer Boom Arm - Better Fit for larger heads.
  • Boom Arm Position Piece - Strengthens the Boom Joint to avoid the "droops".
  • Epoxied Boom Arm - Strengthens and Sweat Protects Boom Joint.
  • Epoxy Spot Fills - For Extra Sweat Protection throughout the mic.
  • Extra Cable Strain Relief on Headband.
  • Super strong Steel cable for greater durability and Performance.
  • Can be adapted for most major transmitter brands.
  • Generatiing Element: Back Electret Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Bidirectional Noise Cancelling
  • Frequency Response (@ 2cm close talking): 200 - 6000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 8mV per Pascal
  • Maximum Input (@3%THD): 120dB SPL
  • Power Supply Bias: 1.3 to 20V
  • Current Drain: 50uA
  • Waterproofing: Secondary Diaphragm fitted
  • Accessory:
  • Oval Windscreen included
  • Pin-Out: Red - Bias, White - Signal, Shield - Ground