Aeromic Theater Mic Belt in dark and light green color.
Man in blue collared long sleeve shirt and Gucci jeans, lifting his shirt on his back to show himself wearing white Areomic Theater Mic Belt with mic pack.

Aeromic Theater Mic Belt


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The Aeromic Theater Mic Belt is a specialized pouch belt for TV and film production, theater groups, sports referees, PA rental and production companies, and coaches' assistants.

The unique no-buckle velcro fixing system is comfortable and discreet when worn under shirts, tops and costumes. They are made from neutral-colored beige neoprene to minimize the show-through on stage and under lights and are plain with no logo. The pouches are big enough to hold all modern wireless transmitters as well as many current comm transceivers.

  • For sanitary reasons headset mics, mic belts, windscreens and headphones are not returnable.
  • Superior neoprene construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjusts to fit everyone
  • Helps protect against transmitter damage
  • Stitched piping all the way round the belt ensures long lasting durability