MiPro Uni-Directional Cardioid Headworn Mic

MiPro Uni-Directional Cardioid Headworn Mic


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The MiPro Uni-Directional Cardioid Headworn Mic is a sweat-resistant fitness audio headset mic, perfect for cardio and dance fitness instructors.

10mm Uni-directional sweat-resist cardioid head-worn microphone- mini-XLR (black), suitable for MA-303 and MA-708 PA systems.

This product is a just a headset microphone and needs to connect to an existing Wireless System.

  • Uni-directional pick-up pattern.
  • Visually unobtrusive and comfortable to wear.
  • Flexible and durable frame with comfortable, soft ear hooks which require no adjustment for optimum comfort.
  • The MU-53M uni-directional capsule module and MU-55M subminiature waterproof Omni-directional capsule module are interchangeable.
  • Featuring a high dynamic range and can withstand a maximum SPL without distortion.
  • Capsule modules and cables are easily detached from the frame and can be worn on the left or right side of the frame to suit personal preferences.
  • The very thin capsule-shaft mount is fully rotatable.
  • The capsule shaft allows for length, direction, and angle adjustments for precise and optimum capsule positioning to the speaker's mouth.
  • Patented, swiveling ear-hook design allows for inward rotation, facilitating easy storage, packaging and carriage.
  • Available in black and beige colors.
  • Flexible gooseneck.
  • Supplied as standard with MIPRO's mini XLR plug.
  • Features a smooth, warm, natural sound.
  • Fold-flat design for easy storage.