Front and back views of Focus Pro 6" Portable Speaker With Wireless Receiver and Bluetooth

Focus Pro 6" Portable Speaker


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The Focus Pro 6" Portable Speaker is the best built-in Fitness Audio wireless receiver that allows you to use a dry body pack transmitter and E Mic or Aeromic headset mic for deckside instruction, lecturing, making announcements, or multimedia presentations.

Not intended for in water use or splash proof - water damage is not covered under warranty.
  • Includes built-in Fitness Audio UHF (16 Channel) Receiver to mate with Fitness Audio U-Series Transmitter (body pack, handheld, or MT-U8)
  • Includes built-in Bluetooth music streaming & USB/SD Media Player
  • Input for instructor's MP3 player or other devices
  • 50 Watts of Power (RMS)  (70 Watts Max)
  • 6.5" Full Range Speaker
  • Li-Ion Battery Operation (9-12 hours of use depending on programing) or AC operation
  • Optional Wireless Link Module Slot/Second Wireless Mic Receiver Slot
  • Output for external speaker
  • Additional Microphone and Aux inputs for maximum versatility
  • Additional Speaker and Aux Output for connecting to larger systems
  • Extended Warranty - 1 year system, 90 day battery
  • Dimensions (H/W/D) 12" x 8" x 9"  
  • Weight 8.5 lbs